Schooling Some Fools*

Sometimes, I’ll call down to the basement to get Cohiba’s attention and he’ll call back, “I can’t right now! Schoolin’ some fools!”

One of his “hobbies” is going onto sites like Monsanto and trolling people who write things he disagrees with. (Because they’re wrong, Sahara.)

But it’s not the kind of trolling that is just bickering to bicker, like the kind of people who say that Trump is awesome in the face of overwhelming douchebaggery. He has legit studies and resources to back up his claims and if he’s wrong (let’s not talk about how often that happens) he admits it.

Debate was NOT something we did in my house as I was coming up, and I have actually learned a lot from him. Now I, too, like to “school some fools.”

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*Out of respect, before I hit “publish” on this post, I checked it with him.




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