Isn’t She Quaint? Showing Love

Whenever I’m around my mom or my MIL, I often find myself feeling unsteady, though I couldn’t quite put my finger on how to explain it. Today, I realized that there’s a scene from the show Firefly that seems to show it well.

(What? You haven’t seen Firefly? Surely know that if you watch it, any ailment you’re feeling in your body is miraculously healed and a puppy is saved from being kicked. So go watch it. I’ll wait.)

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Love In Off-Key Singing

Wee One has a pretty regular bedtime routine, and it revolves around the letter B. Bedtime britches (an overnight diaper), bottle, brush teeth, book, and then bed. After the book and before bed is a prayer and song, but those don’t start with B, so I don’t include them. They’re part of the “bed” part of the routine.

I cradle her in my arms and rock and sing her “Baby Mine” from Dumbo, which I have done since she was about 4 months old, and Cohiba, who does not sing at all, has learned the words from hearing me sing it so many times.

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What’s Your Dream?”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Futures Past.”

Last night, my dearest Cohiba told me that I helped him make his dream come true.  Moving out here with him, doing a job he loves and being in a place he feels challenged and supported has been a dream that has so far not been realized. It made me feel pretty special, honestly, and happy to know he feels so loved.

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