A Treasure To Keep

Living here at Casa In-Laws and having a toddler means that I’ve gotten to know a lot of their neighbors. I has especially become good friends with our next door neighbors, who are so sweet to Wee One. They have two kids of their own: 16 & 10.

I was talking to her last week about their weekend and she told me something so sweet her son did. It was so sweet that I literally put my hand to my heart in a “touch the pearls” gesture.

I said to her, what a treasure, referring to the pure gentleness of him.

In other news, WO started her first day at “school;” a day care morning that we’ll do for awhile, hopefully to help her speech and other development. I had to buy her a real backpack for her class, and Cohiba and I both sniffed at the sight of it.

She’s two and a half, but, as promised, growing so quickly. So quickly.

When I was talking to my neighbor, it dawned on me that perhaps so many of the things I treasure about WO, her curiosity and joy, they are not going to go away. There will just be more mature ways they will come through. So even though she grows and I lose my baby, I don’t lose those beautiful parts of her.

Parents, particularly of older children, what do you think? Has this been your experience ? What helped you as your kids were growing?

Okay, your turn.

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