Weekend Coffee Share #46


If we were having coffee, we wold have a lot to talk about. So much has begun this week. Now that Lanir Day has passed in the US and schools are fully back in session, all those children’s programs that run during the school year have resumed. So once again, it feels like the year revolves around two days: Memorial Day and Labor Day. But how things change.

In elementary school, Memorial Day was around Field Day at school, usually the best day of the year, when I didn’t have class or really get bullied by other students or teacher. It was also Labor Day trips to Sun Valley (my abusive father was from a rich family that liked to go there every year, so I grew up flying into Salt Lake City and driving up there. Then it became marching band and the graduation concert. Then it became moving to and from campus.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you about our upcoming trip to Hilton Head. It’s just going to be me and Cohiba and Wee One for a week, and it should be pretty fun. (Hurricane damage notwithstanding.) My in-laws were going to come as well, but health problems prevent that. Cohiba and I haven’t had a vacation since we got married in 2014, so…

You would also notice I’m moving a little stiffly – I did some exercises in Jitsu that strained the muscles in my neck and I’m sore. Cohiba put some Ben-Gay on my neck and was almost gleeful to do it. I was like, ugh! I sell like you! He said, you’re an almost 40-year-old grappler now, baby. This is part of it.

Okay, your turn.

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