Remember The Time…You Got Your First Tattoo?

Remember The Time was a monthly blog hop that was done a few years ago by Em of The Waiting, Ashley of Zebra Garden, and later, Kelly of Are You Finished Yet? I imagine that life caught up with them and so they event fell by the wayside, to my disappointment.

I would love to see it revived, and thought I might just do it myself! I’m afraid I might be stepping on some legal toes, so if I am, Em and Kelly, please let me know and I will stop immediately.

For this first post, since I just got my first “real” tattoo, I would like to hear about yours? But I don’t necessarily mean a tattoo like the kind you get from the biker at Shady Jacks’s, because not everyone has one of those. Hell, I don’t even have one of those. But what about your first fake tattoo? First henna art? First time you saw a tattoo and decided, ‘No, thank you.’?

Here is my contribution!

Hey! This sounds fun! How do I participate?


I’m so glad you want to! Just write up a “Remember The Time” post and either link it to this post, post a link in the comments of this post, or just tell me your story in the comments!

If you write your own post, make it easier to check out your blog by titling your post “Remember The Time” or use a “Remember the Time…” tag. Also, feel free to upload the badge below for those posts! Just save the badge to your computer and upload from there.

Finally, don’t forget to follow my blog to get notices of upcoming questions! Happy remembering! I can’t wait to hear your stories!




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