My First Tattoo

I just put out a call to “Remember The Time,” but I neglected to add my own memory! The time I got my first tattoo… Because it wasn’t last month. It was my 16th birthday.

My best friend had slipped be a bottle of India ink with instructions on how to give myself a tattoo:

-Sterilize a needle.

-Dip into the ink.

-Push into your skin.

That was it. And that’s what I did, over and over again, until I formed the shape of a little star. I had to go over the whole shape several times to make sure it was completely filled in, but I did it and still have it.

On my 17th birthday, I started to add a little moon to the star, but it was much closer to the bone and hurt so much I didn’t want to go over it again and again.

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