I Should Get A Medal

I am so good at letting go of time. Of surrendering time. Of losing time.

This is all a fancy way of saying wasting time.

This morning Wee One was at “school,” a ministry a local church does where they take her for a morning.a week. It’s nice to get her around other kids and practicing words and to learn about turn taking from someone other than me. And that means I have a whole morning kid free.

I had planned to brainstorm about my characters for the story/book I decided to just fucking write at the beginning of the month. I even sat here last night and made up little sheets for my main characters – all I have to do is fill in the blank.

But no. I

  • Played a stupid game on my phone
  • Had a cup of coffee
  • Brainstormed one list for my story
  • Pick up a writing assignment for Textbroker
  • Research Child Labor Laws
  • Get on to WordPress
  • Try to work on a draft and finally scrap it
  • Get more coffee
  • Dick around on that stupid game again
  • Look through my reader for inspiration
  • Find a publishing blog and pull up eight different posts from there
  • Go onto Goodreads and mark a book I want to read
  • Find WO’s toy fishing pole that is all tangled up and untangle it enough that she can play with it.
  • Realize I have to go to the gas station/grocery store
  • Sit down to write this thing.

I think I still have time for the grocery store before I pick WO up. But there it is: A morning wasted. I could get a medal.

And WO would wear it.

Edited to add: After a day’s reflection, I realize that I didn’t get “nothing” done, it just wasn’t anything that I planned on. I did make it to the grocery store, lest you wondering. We were out of coffee. Priorities.

Okay, your turn.

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