Weekend Coffee Share #51

(Because the holiday was so exhausting, this share took place via text.

Hey girl. How was thanks?

Oh, awesome! I was SO happy  my folks came out, kind of a lost minute decision. They stayed for the OH/MI game and left today.

Yeah, Ann Arbor.

It’s a big rivalry. When I was applying to PhDs, I wanted to go to MI ’cause their social work program is so good. C was like, I will never be able to live it down. I can’t go there. It’s serious.

Haha. His uncle does.

Hey – Did I tell you I got bifocals?

Oh, that’s rich. You’re just a few years under me.

Well, and head trauma, too. Did you know that head injury is connected to cataracts? Which is why I have one on my left side? Isn’t that crazy?

Age is coming for you, too!

They look a lot like my old ones. I’ll send a pic.


I wasn’t going to get ’em at first, but C was like, if you can make it easier for yourself, why don’t you?

How was your brother’s fiancee?

How does your mom handle it?

That’s true. She could never be as bad at the first one!

How was the flight down?

That’s a long drive! Did the boy go with you?

OMG – you had to go with the fiancee?! Ugh!


That’s gross!

I don’t care if it’s a rental car! You don’t spit shit on the floor!

What did your bro say?

That sucks.

She did awesome, of course. My cousin has a boy one year younger than her, so they chased each other.

Then, we sort of inadvertently started decorating for Christmas today. I think that’s going to be a thing, and she was so cute. She was holding the baby Jesus saying, “Shh. Don’t cry baby Jesus.”

She saw me putting garland up so she put some up, too. Dumped one long strand on one side of the tree, and another on the other. I wanted to leave it, but it was too disorderly for someone.


I still got a picture and it’s going in the Christmas memories this year.

I don’t know! I think I want to start something, but I don’t know what! Make ornaments?

Actually, I think we’re definitely going to make ornaments.

So how romantic is this? C got us mats so we can drill BJJ moves together at home.

Seriously. GG. He just got home with ’em.





2 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share #51

    1. I really am. I grew a little disenchanted with it during 11’s turn (I hated the companion Amy), and am trying to stick to it, because these seasons are just magical.

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