Beauty and Appearance

Here it is, two days after Thanksgiving. The holiday season has officially begun, and with that, the season of holiday parties and eating. At the same time, we will hear people cursing their own appearance. “I feel fat.” “Ugh – so fat!” “I ate so much!” Blah blah fishcakes.

Is it especially true among mothers? Maybe not, but the effects can be quite far reaching, because the kids pick up on it.

A mom friend of mine posted a meme on Facebook about getting into photos with her kids so they would have those images, and it made me think of

When I was growing up, food was a big deal in my house, ’cause it was a big deal to my mom. Now, I feel uncomfortable when my meal doesn’t at least have representation from  several significant food groups. (Which actually isn’t a bad thing.)

But, when I learned I was having a girl, I thought a lot about what example I would give her of body-acceptance. (Though I know it’s a thing for boys too, though.) I also thought about this Huffpost article and especially this blog post, and a point both of them made:

The way your children see you isn’t the way that you see you, so get in front of that camera.

I catch myself feeling self-conscious in front of her, but then I remember – she doesn’t see what I see. She doesn’t attach any value to my appearance, and the value she will attach is going to be different from my value. 

And with that, here is me and Wee One playing beauty parlor. ❤

One thought on “Beauty and Appearance

  1. Food is important to me, too. Cooking is a part of my life I am reluctant to relinquish, and with the cooking comes the waistline, but I have never lost weight since the day I stopped smoking, 40 years ago. I should seek for better balance, but if there’s a choice between going out in a blaze of fairy lights at 75 and living until I’m ninety on three rusks a day, I know which I’ll choose.

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