Speech Delay Is Hard

I know I’ve mentioned here before, that Wee One has a speech delay. She’s making progress her her speech therapist and next fall, we’re getting her into a preschool with an SLP on staff. (Oh yeah, I told you about the testing last month: she got in.) She’ll be fine.

But right now, today… man.

I am so tired of not knowing if she understands me, of not being able to understand her. She’s curious and wanting to do new things, but I don’t know if she understands my stories and explanations. She’ll ask a question and I’m not sure what she’s saying. Plus, she’s three, so she’s got opinions on things. She just can’t tell me what they are. She can screech and throw herself when she doesn’t like something,

I hope I’m not ruining her.


4 thoughts on “Speech Delay Is Hard

  1. No, you’re not. Children develop in many different ways, and what seems like a mountain at three will be behind you by five. Come to think of it, everything seems like a mountain at three!

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