Little Girl, Big Halls – Preschool

I know I wrote the other day about having a challenging time with Wee One (challenging with a toddler? Who would have guessed?) but today is a new day and things really are grand.

WO is such a blast. She gets excited over everything, the smallest most Munding things. She was excited to dust with grandma today. I surprised her with a train track set and she screeched and squealed and was so happy. She is such a joy.

Because of her speech, she might qualify for the preschool in our school district, in which she can receive more intensive speech therapy and work in other delayed areas, if there are some. We had to go last Monday for more testing in the school itself (workers had already come to our house) and it gave me a bit of a taste for an impending new development: One day, she will go to school.

She looked so little in those big halls!


Okay, your turn.

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