Adulting Fail

My girlfriends and I were talking the other day about feeling like “Whoa” about being adults, because two of us had just gone to our first parent-teacher conference.

(For those of you keeping score at home, Wee One is doing awesome in her preschool. Her speech delay has improved considerably and her teacher said if she had to be tested again to get in, she wouldn’t. Fortunately for us, since she’s in, she’s in. We are so blessed to have a school that she likes so much and is so good for her.)

But this week I crossed another threshold: I volunteered to help the PTO for the school book fair this morning. Before I went, I knew I had to print off a volunteer badge to be let in the school, so I went to print it off.

Then I realized I need a background check.

Which will take several days.

Which means I can’t get in today.

Wah wah wah… Maybe I’ll be an adult some other time.


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