Armistice Day

Today, I drove four hours to and from Cincinnati for a jiu jitzu competition Cohiba was in. This was his first since he banged up his knee, and is relieved to have it behind him.

As I was driving down, I listened to the movie Cold Mountain, and then started the movie Lincoln-both Civil War movies. I was on the Ohio River, that division between the North and South, and, with the help of the imagery from the movies, imagined what the land had seen – the bodies that had walked, fallen, ran across it.

You know how liberal I am, socially and politically. It’s not hard to miss. I try to be discerning, to listen to people I disagree with, and to admit when I’m wrong and modify my opinion.  I fear for my country right now. The leadership, other citizens who elected that leadership. This might be my anxiety talking, but I fear for another civil war.

My Armistice Day twitter feed is buzzing with stories from veterans about experiences they’ve had – war sucks, and on this day, people give speeches about learning from our past. I hope we have. I hope we find something to do with our mad and out disagreement. I get really angry with stuff that’s going on, but I do something about it. I march and yell. I call and write. And then I train jiu jitsu.

I hope we all find something to do.

4 thoughts on “Armistice Day

    1. Aw, thank you very much! I’m glad you liked it. Alas, as I look over the challenge page now, there’s a lot that I’m not going to get to. But you have reminded me to come up with ideas for next year! Fun ones! Do you have goals you come up with every year?

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