I Wish I Could Have This

The approaching holiday season has brought with it a new nemesis: Toy catalogues.

Back in my day, mom had a catalogue with an awesome toy section at the back of it. I remember spending many a happy hour sitting in the plush great chair turning the pages of this book. Week after week. For several years. In sepia-colored hues.

Did I tell my mom I wanted all of them? I can’t remember. I do remember looking at the photos and imagining I had the toys, what it would be like to have them, how I could get them, how I could make them up with what we had around the house, because there was no fucking way we would be able to buy them. Our budget just couldn’t allow that.

I didn’t even know they still made toy catalogues, but I guess having a kid attached to me made me a magnet for marketing detritus because two of them are in my house right now. Wee One is loving them, going through like, I wish I could have this. I wish I could have this. I wish I could have this. I wish I could have this. I wish I could have this. I wish I could have this.

She’s four. Of course she wants it all. I think I did, too, but how much is too much? I think that when I was a kid, if I really attached to something, mom made it happen. I remember bring six and desperately wanting the small yellow Popple, Potatochip, and being so surprised and grateful when I got it.

So far, WO hasn’t attached to anything in particular, and I’m just telling her to add it to her list for Santa. Hopefully that will be enough.


3 thoughts on “I Wish I Could Have This

  1. What a blast from the past! I forgot all about toy catalogs! My brother and I took turns paging through them, bending down the corners of the pages we wanted to come back to to make or lists. I think my son got to do this a little bit with thick store ad sections from the newspaper, but I’m pretty sure my daughter (who is 19) didn’t. She may have had some store circulars to look through, but nothing like th thick tomes I enjoyed as a kid.

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