Do you have any collections? I have been thinking I might need to take one or two up. But what should they be?

On one hand, I think collections are sort of wasteful. They’re not necessary, they usually take up room and usually require dusting, which I try to do as little as possible. But if Cohiba and I are going to buy a house and make it pretty (more on THAT later!) then perhaps a well-placed collection would be nice.

In the age of e-books, having paperbacks seems ridiculous, but I still love an actual physical book. I love being in bookstores and walking out with a stack of them, with hours of reading ahead of me.

But I think I may start collecting Willow Tree figurines. Look at this:


Just seeing this image makes me want to cry with tender feeling, the kind of feeling I have when Wee One is limpy-lumpy (a phrase I made up when I was a kid) like that.

What collections do you like?



8 thoughts on “Collections

  1. I have a little shoe collection that I blogged about during NanoPablano. I have about 6 Willows Tree figurines and currently collect owls. It’s fun but you are right about the dust. 😊

      1. I can’t imagine! I have a bum hip, though, so I pretty much only wear Chacos or Dansko’s. Otherwise my leg hurts too much. 🙂

      2. Oh …these are small collectible shoes no bigger than my hand. These are not shoes I wear. I keep these in a case that is shown at the start of the blog post. ,😊

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