It’s not everyday…

That you learn when your life is going to change. That you can pinpoint the moment your life will change. Yesterday, Cohiba and I got some of that news. February 27th, we already knew about – Wee One is coming.

We’re scheduling a cesarian section thanks to some problems in my hip, and on February 27th, she’ll be 39 weeks.

Now we know that, we check into the hospital at 5:30 am, begin surgery at 7:00, that she’ll be on me by 7:30 and I’ll be in recovery by 8:00 am.  This is all barring any complications, of course.

I was trying to imagine how it’s going to feel at 4:30 that morning when I wake up. When Cohiba and I leave our apartment, alone for the last time. Last night I wondered if I would feel panic. Now I wonder that we might be ready, which sounds weird.

Ready to begin what we’re not ready for.

5:30 am.

2 thoughts on “It’s not everyday…

  1. GOOD LUCK:D You’ll do great! It’s a great feeling by the way, going for labour and all (minus the deathly pains). Almost a liberating one. The 9-month old bump needs to move on , and so you do. AND the first time you hold your baby!! BLISS!!!!

    1. I really appreciate how you said that: “the 9-month bump needs to move on, and so do you.” Like, this is a time in life that has reached its fullness, and now life is ready for the next thing. I love that!
      Plus, I am looking forward to holding her and feeling her wiggles outside of me. Tonight, my husband got to feel her hiccups (something he hadn’t before) and it was so cute to hear his giggle. Thanks, Nida!

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