Joy in Telling Tales

Wee One has inadvertently created something for us that I will cherish forever, and she might too, if we carry it on that long.

It started with her friend, Violet. (I’m pretty sure she’s a real person, but I can’t be positive.) One night before bed, she asked me to tell her a story about her and Violet. So I made something up really quick, a tale about one girl moving into a new house and seeing the other girl riding her bike, and them riding together.

WO asked for another. And then another and another and another and… You guys, I have been tell her E & V stories all week – usually three or four in one sitting. Even before I’ve finished, she’s begging for another. By that point, I’m usually spent; my imagination needs to recharge.

But she is always leaning on me so closely and listening with such rapt attention that I don’t want to break how close I feel to her. I love making her laugh with weird sounds or voices. Sometimes I’ll ask her for ideas about what they do, and she’ll say, “Tell me about Christmas,” or “Tell me the dog one again.”

So now I put the question to you, dear readers: do you have any ideas of things these two little girls might do?








Okay, your turn.

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