Inspiration Engine 11 – PhD, Stories and Maps

This is a weekly post I do to highlight blogs or bloggers who have inspired me in some way during this week – another car on my imagination train!

As you may or may not know, to make the most of my interest in relationships,to stimulate the research corners of my brain and to give legitimacy to my findings, I have been trying to get into a PhD program for the past two years. I have been turned down from 18 programs in total, both in social work and in social psychology, and I’m bummed.

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The Vegas Storytelling Difference

Have you ever thought about the difference it makes on a story to put it in Vegas?

Dude! (Source)

Think about it.  When you hear a story begin with: “Dude… One time in Vegas…” you KNOW the story is going to be badass. Or maybe someone is talking to you and, while suddenly giggling uncontrollably, they say, “Okay, so we were in Vegas this one time…” you actually start giggling with them in anticipation! I’ve done that loads of times!

I’ve been wondering lately, though, does this really mean the story is better or more outrageous?

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