I Don’t Recall Birthing Bigfoot

She also has a brother named Ryder, and they play inside more. She plays with Bigfoot outside, Bigfoot and Ryder.

That’s okay, right? I know it is – I’m an only child, I know what it’s like. But it’s still hard to hear her talk about.

I have noticed that Ryder is usually naughty. He’s usually doing things that WO wouldn’t do because she knows I’d ask her not to. So I’ll talk to him directly. “Ryder. You know the rule.” She’ll say, “Mama, he’s not real. He’s just imaginary.”

God love her kindergarten teacher – she’ll tell a story about something Ryder did, and he teacher will say, “Aren’t imaginary brothers so silly?” Like, she normalizes it, which I love doesn’t shame WO but still reinforces reality.

On the other hand, she’s telling me and Cohiba that “It’s hard to be a lonely (only) child.” On my dear. I get it. I truly get the ache.

FWIW, when I was a kid, I played with an imaginary Hulk.


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