Election 2020, Pt. 2

I feel like I need to write about today. That Wee One will want to know. That history will want to know.

Today, Biden and Harris were declared the winners of our elections. He wasn’t my first choice in the primaries, but I’m good with him.

But wow – a woman is the Vice President elect. The Vice President! And a Black woman! An Indian woman! A first generation American! For the first time in American history, a woman is in the second highest office of my government.

I’m so relieved Trump didn’t win. When I woke up in 2016 and saw the results, I felt a dread that has been with me every day these four years. I have never thought that he would even accidentally stumble into doing something for this country. I wrote on Tuesday about how many votes were cast, how long the line was, how proud I was of all the action and work we were doing, nationally.

I am touched by the global response this election has gotten. This was not just about this country – people around the world were horrified by what was happening. I saw comments from leaders of England, France, Belgium, Zimbabwe, Fiji, New Zealand, Austria, Somalia, Germany, Sudan, Argentina, Malta, Ireland, Italy, India. Again, those are only the ones I saw.

Here in the US, dance parties broke out all around. Spontaneous honking and shouting. Dancing. Some people on twitter are like, you know, this is what it’s like when a dictator is vanquished. That’s chilling to think about, but maybe not too far off.

I’m about to finish reading Hiding in Plain Sight by Sarah Kendzior, another St. Louisian. (We also graduated from Wash U the same year.) I highly recommend it. In fact, I think I’ll buy it, not just borrow it. She warns about a “transnational crime syndicate” that has already performed a coup and taken over our government. This syndicate gave us Trump.

It sounds like a leftie’s Qanon, right? Conspiracy theories. But her background is in authoritarian governments, how they develop and break down, and her work is extremely well cited. And it’s not just conservatives she’s calling out; it’s the whole government. She’s made a believer out of me. At least, someone unable to pretend that all is better with this election.

There are still problems, particularly white supremacy and institutional racism. There’s a long way to go. But for tonight, for right now, I feel so good. We the people have fought back. I got to see that, take part in that.

Look around. Look around. How lucky we are to be alive right now.

History is happening.

Okay, your turn.

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