School Starts

Wee One (WO) is starting first grade today, and I”m having some Feelings.

By a sort of accident of timing, she’s going in person. I’ve been wrangling for weeks about whether to put her in a statewide online school; it counts as a private school, but it’s free. We had applied, we were in the process of submitting the paperwork, when I realized: I think she’s going to be admitted. I think she can attend this school. But I might be wrong. Her in-person school starts a week before the online option. I can:

  1. Keep her out of her in-person school on the belief she’ll get into the online option, but if she doesn’t and has to go in-person anyway, she’ll be a bit behind, and I will look like a shitty parent for not sending her to school, not doing anything.
  2. Send her to in-person school until she’s accepted to online school (which I still might do, actually,) but then I’d have to pull her out of something she wants so badly. You guys – my magical girl is such a people person and so eager to meet everyone.

I know, parents have to make kids do things they don’t like. Maybe this should have been one of them?

And then on top of all this angst, she’s in first grade!!! We can walk to her school and she knows a couple of kids from her nine kindergarten class, and then from the neighborhood playground. She asked me to draw her a map to her classroom (like a treasure map) and to write her teacher’s name on it. She’s awesome about masking and we got her her own hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works (her first trip – a big day in any girl’s life), so she’ll be great.

Big day, again on trembling feet.

Okay, your turn.

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