In A Naughty Place?

Last week, on Wee One’s (WO) first day of school, I was out with another mom friend whose son was at his first day of kindergarten. (Let’s call her Tilda.)

This is a common occurrence for us, especially since our state governor issued a sort of lockdown last March: We would sit outside and drink coffee, and our two kids would play together. Then we’d walk across the street to a small brewery with a couple of restaurants. It was a way for us not to lose our minds(we are both enthusiastic day drinkers, usually just with each other) and for the kids to see other kids while they were either out of school or, (in WO’s case) learning at home.

During this time, Tilda had another baby, and now he’s been with us during out weekly meetups. The older kids can still play with each other and then both love on the baby. (AWWW)

We’ve been noticing how much they’ve changed over time, how they’ve grown. They used to play side by side, and then my social bug wanted more in-depth play with the other more reticent boy. They would bicker and squabble! Tilda would be like, “They’re arguing like brother and sister.” I said, I’m an only child. Is this what it’s like?

Anyway, Tilda said she thinks that having these regular play dates together has helped her son come out of his shell and become more social. Partly because it was just one on one, him and her, so there’s not the pressure of a crowd, and also partly because she is so social and outgoing as well.

Aw! I was tickled to hear such a kind thing about WO, and I told Tilda I was touched. “Can I be touched?” I asked.

Just to break the mushy sentiment, she said. “In a naughty place?” she asked, giving me a snarky smile and side eye. Snort. That’s Tilda.

Okay, your turn.

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