First They Came For The Immigrants

The past couple of days have been hard. I’m getting over a cold Wee One (WO) picked up (not COVID) and had a headache for several days. At the same time, I am so so thankful; I have options. We live with my MIL (both a blessing and a challenge), Cohiba can work from home, I can be home with WO. I am shaking with rage for those who do not.

All across my country, parents are forced to make a despairing choice: send their children to school, or not. My twitter feed is rife with parents in Texas whose governor won’t allow their schools to require masks, who won’t allow contract tracing, whose schools don’t have to alert parents of a COVID diagnosis. Single parents with three kids working two jobs. States that don’t offer free online options for school. Board meetings that are shouted down by anti-vaxxers and maskholes wailing about their children being “muzzled.” But what the fuck else are parents supposed to do?

In half a dozen states, Florida, Arkansas, Louisiana, South Carolina, Texas, and my home state of MO, WO’s birthplace, the major children’s hospitals are filling with sick children, either from COVID or a respiratory virus that usually floats around in the winter but has struck early. (And might be what WO had, come to think of it.) There is not yet any idea about how Long COVID affects kids.

From a more selfish standpoint, I’m worried about that for myself. As a TBI survivor, my top fears are 1) something happening to WO and 2) fucking up my brain again.

One tweeter pointed out that this is not out of character for a government that will steal and traffic immigrant children as their parents are fleeing for safety. They use children to terrorize.

I am incandescent with rage.

Okay, your turn.

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