What Do You Do When It All Sucks?

Last week, as I was driving with Wee One, she heard me smack at a small bug that had flown into the car. She asked why, and I told her I was trying to kill an insect. She suggested that I shouldn’t because bats eat insects. I said it was a great idea and we should get a bat in the car to get the bug. She said, “Mom. Bats are nocturnal.”

Because duh.

Anxious Mother’s Stream of Consciousness During Toddler Swim Lessons

This past summer, I signed Wee One up for swimming lessons. Just six weeks at the community center, I wanted her to learn some respect for the water when she’s around it.

It was the first time she’d taken a formal-ish “class,” and I had some concerns. And other thoughts. Here’s a sampling of my second week’s thoughts:


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Do you prefer dork or nerd?

Are you kidding me? I LOVE school! Love it so much I want a PhD.  Love it so much I want to do research and read and write all the time.  And maybe teach also.  I love it.  I just finished a master’s in the spring of ’12, and I was working full-time while I was going, so I was pretty fucking tired when it was done.  I was all geared up by the fall, though, and applied to eight PhD programs in social work for this fall.

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