Bucket List Bounty, or, Just Effing Do It

As I was writing my post for yesterday, I thought back on the 1/4 novel I wrote for NaNo a few years ago.  I have thought about it over the years and revisited it a few times, done some light research for the time period, but not a lot else.

I’m holding off because I like having it there. I like having something promising and potential.

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24/12 of 2017

For the past several years, I have devised a set of annual goals.  I’ve usually done 52/52, so one goal for each week. Last year, I had a difficult time thinking of 52 goals, so this year, I’ll narrow it down to 24 in 12 months, so two a month.
I invite you to join me – you can do 12/12, 365/365, x/x! Just what ever you want! Then, as I accomplish them, I’ll update the page, and probably add a post or two about it.

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