Advocacy Win

You can take the girl out of social work, but you can’t take the social work out of the girl.

Omicron is doing what it’s doing, and school starts on the 3rd. I can’t imagine any scenario in which the school is not overrun with infections among staff and students, and I don’t want Wee One (WO) to fall victim to it. Just yesterday, I exited my five day quarantine in my room to be around people in a mask. (I’m fine, BTW. It was like a sinus infection. And the biggest thing for me and WO today was to snuggle.) But we did not sacrifice five days of snuggling just for her to get it next week. We have a wedding coming up and I don’t want her to get long COVID.

So I write the superintendent and encouraged him to consider going remote for two weeks or until the numbers decrease, whichever comes first. If not that, to stagger the student’s coming back in. And if not that, to excuse absences for students who wish to stay away these first few days.

He wrote me back right away (during winter break, but he’s good about that!) and said there was nothing to be done. Then he wrote me today – TODAY! A national holiday! A Saturday – to let me know he’s reconsidered and was willing to excuse absences for WO for a week while we sort through what we want with her.

I’m not sure if I was the first one who suggested that to him, but I may have been. And he changed his mind, in part because of my advocacy. <insert fist pump> Yessssss

Okay, your turn.

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