Here’s A Secret



And you know he’s probably not!


Do you know this actor, Nathan Fillion? Excellent and funny, and you should go see his stuff so you’ll know how he would say something like this, because he totally would.




Top 10 Favorite Memes


I am working on a post I’m going to put out later this week, and, for part of it, I’m talking about cool memes. Which made me wonder: which ones are my own personal favorites???

Now first, a question about memes: How the hell do you pronounce it?  I used to pronounce it memay,” sort of a French pronunciation, but my friend Walter insists its “meem.” Anyone know?

Some of these, I created myself, but I think it counts, don’t you?

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In preparation for the upcoming St. Louis Ren Fair and my stint as Avis McGregor, I’m borrowing my mother’s sewing machine to make my garb.  I brought it home and started looking at the piles of cloth I have that are waiting to be hand stitched into something, and suddenly I’ve become like that guy in the meme, but only with:




Inspired by another blog post that appeared in my reader, (and PSA, you should get tested to see if you’re a feminist – they gave us a sure-fire way to determine that HERE.), I was reminded of a meme that helps us understand Feminism and it’s sister, Feminazi:

Except it isn’t. At all.