Top 10 Favorite Memes


I am working on a post I’m going to put out later this week, and, for part of it, I’m talking about cool memes. Which made me wonder: which ones are my own personal favorites???

Now first, a question about memes: How the hell do you pronounce it?  I used to pronounce it memay,” sort of a French pronunciation, but my friend Walter insists its “meem.” Anyone know?

Some of these, I created myself, but I think it counts, don’t you?

  1. This one I made, and I think of it so many times, usually while stupid people are talking and I wish they could see inside my head. Because this is what they’d see.And John Goodman is from St. Louis and went to Affton High School, which makes sense.
  2. Many “Hey Girl” memes are really funny. I’m not even a Ryan Gosling fan, but I think they can be clever. ~~ 6a81e208e10e4148387b6e8d8f82ed8f
  3. Like this one. ~~~~~~~~~~~picdump-593-22
  4. Can’t you just imagine this dog saying this? Look at the look on it’s face…ecd39aa9ea89c2884de38a822f8480aa
  5. This is another one that stupid people would see if they looked inside my head. I can’t copy her face, but sometimes the sentiment is just perfect. dtbts

6. I love dogs and can totally see a dog making this face.  This meme also makes Cohiba and I both laugh, and we quote it to each other often. 🙂 5391af973a5edf99c82187c0c3a7d310

7. This one makes me laugh out loud every time I see it. Her face is perfect for that line.


8. Still not a cat person, but this cracked me up so much I had it hidden in my desk at work to surprise myself with a giggle. holy-crap-i-look-fabulous

9. Hee! This one was also hidden in my desk.


10. Always makes me giggle.


Do you have any memes you like??







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