Inspiration Engine 14 – Art Journaling & Writing

This is a weekly post I do about blogs or posts that have inspired me in some way this week!

1. I have been thinking a lot begun thinking about hosting an Art Journaling event on wordpress. It wouldn’t begin until after the Renaissance Faire ends in June, so I’m using this time to prepare for that. There is one blogger in particular who helped me when thinking about this: The Frugal blogger. She has a number of different techniques and materials, along with corresponding videos.  It helps to see someone else’s process of creating art.

Question for you readers: Would you be interested in creating some art journal pages with me?  I have begun thinking about hosting a monthly art journaling event on Creo Somnium, partly to help me achieve my 36/36 goal, and also to get inspired by the imagination of others!

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“As I See It” – NaNoWriMoS start

This is the beginning to my NaNoWriMoS project, and I would love to get your thoughts on it! 

“Good morning, ma’am,” a girl’s young voice awoke Blanche.  Blanche opened her eyes, confused, as this was a voice she didn’t recognize.  “Who is that?” she asked.  “Jolen, ma’am, I’m new to the house.” Blanche became frustrated, “Why didn’t anyone tell me I was getting a new girl?”

“I don’t know, ma’am. I only answered the notice a few days ago. I don’t know how long it was out.”  Annoyed by this new upset, Blanche flung her sheets back off her body and put her feet on the floor.

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