The Most Carmina Burana Time Of The Year!

During the month of November, I love to listen to Carmina Burana. Every year.

This tradition has roots in my college days.

I had just moved off campus for the first time and was living in a duplex with another woman.  (It was waaay out of our budget, but we managed.)  I had a large glorious bedroom with a vaulted ceiling, and I placed my wooden desk (which I had painted a beautiful red in the garage) right by the window.   I could climb out to the roof from that window, and often did.

But this fall, as the warmth from summer was painfully fading away, I had the window open to enjoy the fresh air for as long as I could.  The breeze was alternatively warm and chilling, and the sky was overcast, a portent of the upcoming winter.  I had played “Oh Fortuna” on various instruments in high school, and had the whole thing on CD, but this day, I decided to listen to it all.

Something about the day and the chill and the overcast points of the music all meshed for me, and I listened to it all month. Every year since then, in November, I listen to Carmina Burana.  Won’t you join me?

I like this version, and I love that baritone.

Okay, your turn.

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