Like a challenge? You’ll love this

Like many of my fellow writers, I enjoy a good prompt.  (Sometimes the ideas swarming around in here are too much to organize, and we need a filter to streamline them!)  I found a blogger who is doing a 52 goals in 52 weeks challenge, and I’m going to copy it, do something like that.

Since we’re in the middle of April, there are 36 weeks left in the year, and I’m going to take on 36 goals in 36 weeks.  I like that number. It’s the square of 6, it has balance. So: 36/36 Challenge.

I like balance

Here are the things I’ll be doing:

  1. Write up research and send it to one publication
  2. Finish first draft of novel
  3. Sell crochet items, Sustainability Sleeves and ‘Cessories, at one craft fair OR at a second shop
  4. Develop this blog, as measured by 50 new followers
  5. Sing at the St. Louis Renaissance faire. Either a duet with the Bard or solo in the Scots camp
  6. Complete 10 pencil drawings – full pages.  Not just doodles, either
  7. Finish 20 pages of art journal
  8. Take one selfie every week, for fun
  9. Read a Pulitzer prize winning book
  10. Write a Gonzo-Style story with at least three scenes
  11. Go to at least one new Renaissance fair this year
  12. Go to Disney World two more times this year
  13. Organize my wedding memory stuff
  14. Scrapbook the Ren Faire stuff
  15. Get to level 25 in League of Legends

Since creation and imagination generate energy, physical activity is the best way to manifest the fruit of our creative labor.  It also feeds the energy back into ourselves: The body fuels the mind.

  1. Do yoga 16 times in one month
  2. Bicycle 84 miles in one month
  3. Try one food I’ve never tasted before every month 
  4. Go to the farmer’s market at least 6 times this summer
  5. Grow my own herbs, at least basil
  6. Hike 12 new trails
  7. Find a new doctor
  8. Find a new dentist
  9. Get eight hours of sleep for one month. (Need not be consecutive nights, but that would be nice.)
  10. Stand-op paddle board at least once this year
  11. Climb one tree this year
  12. Do two weeks of tai chi exercises

Finally, there will be things that pertain to everyday life.

  1. Get a different job
  2. Get a new bloody phone
  3. Get a dog
  4. Move to a different place – either in this town or out of state
  5. Go out with just the girls at least five times
  6. See parents/family once a month
  7. Merge finances with Cohiba
  8. Go to the drive-in once this summer
  9. Make a new list of 52 things in 52 weeks for 2015

I will be posting about these things as I accomplish them.  Does this sound like something you would want to do, too?


Tell us about it, and then give us a link to your blog in the comments so we can follow along with your accomplishments, cheer you on, and get inspired by you! As you can see from my list, you can put any tasks that are meaningful to you.  Just really specific about your things so you know when you’ve achieved them. And have FUN with it!

7 thoughts on “Like a challenge? You’ll love this

  1. Girl you are all over it! I do not even know how you came up with all of that! I always see these kinds of challenges and think how cool but never get to the point of thinking of so many things to accomplish. Remembering to feed my kids to keep them alive is usually my daily “to do” 🙂 but I did tackle the starting a blog part!

    1. To be fair, a lot of it I was planning on doing anyway, like bike riding, going to a new Ren Fair, and I really am finishing research with a colleague. This just gives me an excuse to write about something. But thank you! Thanks for the boost, and you still could do it! It could be, like, Seven things in Seven months, or Three things in Three seasons, Five things by Five holidays. And feeding the kids is your first one. 🙂

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