Inside Sahara’s Studio

This prompt is good – questions.  It may be flagrant self-obsession, but I think it’s interesting and I’ll try to make it enjoyable for readers.

  1. What is your favorite word?

I love words and I love to play with them, so I don’t really have any particular favorite. Perhaps the word “Yes” to certain questions such as “Am I going to Spain?” Yes.  “Will I be in Jamaica for two weeks?” Yes. “May I have a Bloody Mary?” Yes. “Will you publish my research?” Yes.  “A raise?” Yes. “Go kayaking or stand up paddleboarding?” Yes.

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Art, bless her soul

Cohiba and I are getting married next year, and he and I were talking about our plans this morning.  He doesn’t want to see the dress beforehand; doesn’t even want to see an idea of it, but I realized that his choice of wardrobe may change according to the dress, and I don’t want him to have regret.

We’re getting married at Disney, and I told him that one of the dresses I tried on, with surprising success, was a ball gown.  That is just so Disney and princessy, and I said “That is totally not me.” He said, “What are you talking about? That is you. You love imagination and play – why do you think we have so much fun there?”

That warmed my cheeks and my heart, and it is in the spirit of love and imagination that I indulge my thoughts and seek out the pieces of art that speak to me.

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