Oh, This Is Really Happening

Another college dream fulfilled: seeing Tori Amos in concert.

First, I eat at Veritas-a lobster roll and potato buds, a delicious rose cocktail.

Meet a beautiful woman, Kelly, as I eat. She shall become a character in a story: Dr. English, an anthropologist who studied tribal dance and left academia to become a massage therapist. As a healer both through movement and touch, she appreciates how plants can be healing.

Most of the people here look like me: women in their 40s, sort of hippie-ish. I wish I could tell me younger self: even if you feel like you don’t fit in, be you. You do. You’re glorious, and living your truth now will only reinforce your joy later.

Here Comes Sexy Us

Instead of asking myself what advice I wish someone had given me one, two, five or 10 years ago, as today’s prompt suggests, I am going to speculate about what I’ll look back on in one, two, five or 10 years and wish I had gotten.

Leave the job. To be fair, I get that one now, and have gotten it for a while now. Thanks, mom.

It’s okay to work another job that’s not “higher up” on a career ladder. Is it getting you closer to what you what to do? Then okay. Actually, I don’t know if this is true. And, unfortunately, I won’t know until after I do it and fuck up. I hate those kinds of lessons.

Write. You want to write. Don’t deny it, Sahara. Do it. Write. Here is it, 10 years later, and you still want to write.  Look back on 10 years of stories and novels. Do it.


Good tips here

A Coffee Enema – Different things work for different people. As a marathoner, I appreciate the analogy given here.

My Advice if you are starting out – Success comes after a lot of not success. Do it. Have that “not success.”  And if you say it right, “success” sounds like “sexy us.”