Bicycle around the world

Thanks to today’s daily prompt, I am considering what I would do with my life if I were immortal. As a Whovian, I have learned that immortality is not a blessing, and one is forever saying good-bye to loved ones and things don’t really end.

I read a myth about the creation of day and night. A human man and woman were created and living on Earth.  The man died, and the woman was in deep grief for him.  But at that point, there was no night, just the day of his death that stretched on and on.  The gods realized that she couldn’t heal or move on because the day never passed. They created the first night, and when the next day dawned, the woman was slightly less sad.  As more days passed, her depression passed and she was able to live again. I think being immortal would be similar to a long day without night.

But to speak to what I think is the spirit of the prompt, I think I would take Cohiba (who would also have to take some of this potion – I would be like the woman in the myth if he died and I was immortal) and we would go bicycling around the world.  I had a friend who bicycled from France to Poland and around Poland before settling in Krakow where he lived for a bit. I remember riding in local countryside with him a month or so before he left, and as we passed a particularly pretty vista, he said “This is why I want to bicycle to Poland. I want to see sights like this.”  Whenever I ride now and see something pretty, I think of that.


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