How Can I Be A White Ally?

I have talked a little bit about Ferguson about this blog, and I’ve talked about social justice and privilege as well. I want to be an ally in the effort to change the system that eradicates these privileges, but I’m not too sure how to do that, or how to do it effectively. Really be an ally and not “a great white savior,” ’cause I’m not.

One way I’ve been working on this, though, it through engaging in debate with people on Facebook. Not so much with family, cause there’s a lot of emotion there, and I”m not ready for that yet. But with friends and friends of friends.

This post has been extremely valuable in my debate efforts, especially concerning Ferguson. It’s a living document, and continually getting updates, so per the request of the author(s), I have not reblogged it, but merely posted a link to it.

Okay, your turn.

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