Top Five Posts of 2017

I have never really done a year in review kind of post (that I can remember) but I used to love that kind of thing. I remember in junior high, loving to read about big stories from the previous year or listen to the “Top 100 songs of 1991,” for example.

So, the top five posts written in 2017…

1. Taking Turns… Showing Grace

On the list of most viewed posts of 2017, this actually comes in at number five. But in 2017 – this one comes to the top.

2. How Great Though Art

This was the day after my father-in-law passed, and I think it got so many views because it went to my Facebook page and was shared among family members.

3. “Too, mama

A precious moment shared with my daughter.

4. W

During April, I blogged every day, picking a topic in the order of the alphabet. For W, I started talking about Wee One’s speech and starting speech therapy. (She’s coming along beautifully, for those keeping score.)

5. Weekend Coffee Share #44

You know what I’ve learned in this exercise? The Facebook connection is helpful for getting views. I think that how this one got so many views.

Thank you all for spending this year with me!




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