When maturity pays off…

I’m pretty opinionated, but not always educated about those opinions.  Or rather, my education was limited.  I imagine that’s normal for someone as they’re growing up, and I was hellbent on making change. I think that’s normal, and maybe even a little bit good to have so much energy to work for something.  (Sidebar: My energy has been waning for a while, though, after eight years in my current job, and I afraid I’m so burned out that I’ll need another eight years to recover.)

Several of my social views have not changed, but have actually gotten stronger.

Abortion is one such issue where my convictions have gotten stronger.  I’ve considered the opposition’s viewpoints, and I disagree.

The death penalty is one issue that I was pretty strongly for.  I was liberal and generous on most other things, but not this.  I had a lot of anger, I think, and I was tired of giving people second chances.  You fuck up? You’re done. Vaya con Dios.

As I got older, learned more about it, and got patient with people, that flipped.  I believe, at my core, that people can change. Affirming the death penalty no longer fits into my personal philosophy or worldview.

Also as I get older, I like to debate more.  I think because I’m more mature and I’m debating with more mature people.  It’s more respectful. Maturity is paying off.

Okay, your turn.

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