Lucky ’13

Lucky ’13, I called this year, choosing not to look at the “bad luck” connotations associated with the number 13.

I didn’t get into any PhD programs, I’m still doing the drug and alcohol thing for work.  I’m so frustrated about that, but getting to practice having faith and trying again.  I wanna be smart about my decisions. There are going to be several things that make me more attractive to programs this go ’round.

Yet there are other promising things as well.

Cohiba and I are engaged, getting married in March. Don’t have a reception place tied down yet, but I would really like to do it Memorial Day weekend, which I think Cohiba can be on board with. He’s nervous about costs, but… I think we’ll be okay.

I’ve been blogging a lot this year, a first for me.  I just haven’t done it much.  I like it.

I learned how to knit this year, and I’m going to do crochet slippers for the family this Christmas.  Cohiba’s grandma was the family crocheter, and they haven’t had one since she died.  Since I’ll be a daughter/cousin/neice-in-law, I’ll be part of a family that had room for this sort of thing. 🙂

I haven’t traveled this year like I like to do, but we’re saving for a wedding. I’m okay with that.

I’ve been gaming a lot more this year with Cohiba. We spend Sunday afternoons playing board games, and it’s so fun. I went to my first comic-con this year. And went to the Renaissance Fair every weekend.

So far so good.

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