My own little pocket of time

Are you serious with this today!?  This has SOOO been on my mind this week!! I am so soul-drained in my current position and have been looking for how to transition into a different career.

I love research.  I tried to get into a PhD program this fall (without success) and will try again for next fall. I know I need to brush up on statistics (which I haven’t had in over 10 years), and I’ll be taking a class in that this fall, but a subject I would also like to master is economics! I love the logic in economics and the concreteness of it – social work doesn’t have that. It’s all instinct and love and humanity. <sigh> And humans are jacked up, y’all! 🙂

I’m considering some getting another master’s degree, but this time in economics! I have a natural interest in it and I think it fits well with my research and future practice interests – poverty and systems that reinforce it. I’m check out a few online master of economics programs, and Cohiba and I are talking about me doing it. I am currently plagues by insecurities.  Will Cohiba hate that I no longer contribute like I am now? What will I do with it once I’m done?  What if I start it and hate it?

But if I could take a break from life, like a pocket of time that would be for whatever I wanted to master, it would be economics.

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