Facebook is the new wedding ceremony?

As I’m planning my wedding, I’ve been reading lots of magazines and hearing others’ stories of their wedding day, and one thing has come through as very important: How precious it is to be surrounded by people who you (and your spouse) love and who love and support you two as a couple.  I love that idea, and have been feeling it as I”m planning. I’m especially learning that now.

Last week, I got a call from my dress shop that my dress maker no longer makes the gown I chose in white, though they do in ivory.  I’m going to try it on in ivory; perhaps make another choice, but that’s not the cool thing.  The cool thing is that I posted about this on Facebook, and asked my married friends about their experiences with white vs. ivory gowns, for example, how it work on their complexions or in photographs.  I have gotten over 20 comments on that post (a lot for me) and they are all friends and people I love from the various stages of my life offering encouragement and advice, sometimes an odd joke.

I think this is what people meant when they were talking being supported by friends and loved ones

Okay, your turn.

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