Sometimes I feel like this

My supervisor, I mean, my direct just-above-me supervisor, has many positive qualities. In many ways, he has been a breath of fresh air. He gave me more direction and positive feedback than any of his predecessors.


His sense of humor is not always on point with me. I don’t dig Woody Allen or Leslie Nielson kind of humor, and he would just walk around and do that kind of schtick all day long. So when he brought this to my attention, I inwardly rolled my eyes. Kid Snippets. Parents ask their kids to explain or do something, and then they act it out, using their voices. Very clever and genuinely funny, especially at 0.42 seconds. Sometimes I actually feel like the teacher in this video when working with my clients.

This, I appreciate, and need to thank him for pointing it out to me. Have you seen anything like this before? Maybe something I can share with him as a thank you.

Okay, your turn.

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