Creo Somnium takes Social Media by Storm

I would like to draw your attention to a few social media outlets that Creo Somnium has been linking up with! (Dun dun dun…)  In an effort to keep better connected with people and to keep the inspiration flowing between us. You can find links to the following in the upper right column of the Creo Somnium page.


1. Facebook! “Like” the page to better keep up on Creo Somnium posts that might otherwise get lost in the shuffle of WordPress awesomeness.

2. Twitter!  This one is my own personal twitter account, so it’ll have my own stuff on there (and maybe some fangirl stuff) but also links to other writings and articles I find on creation, art, and social justice.

3. Pinterest! Who doesn’t love Pinterest? Creo Somnium has boards that include projects that would be fun to work on, tips for things I’m going to do with my Wee One, and more social justice stuff. 🙂

If you feel more comfortable using any of these, or you get on there more often, please connect and stay in touch! It would be fun to get inspired by you!


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