Helpful Tips to Create More Space

Cohiba and I have spend the past several weeks looking for a place to move. While our current apartment is actually quite nice and I really like it, (though the drive sucks), we thought we had to move because the apartment is tiny for our needs.

Rather, our accumulated shit is too much for our home.

Granted, our hobbies take a lot of space: Ren Fair garb and props, bicycling/skiing/fighting equipment, art supplies and lots of books. Add to that a child, which also takes space, and it seems like it will be hard to manage it all. But, it’s very affordable and we’ve been able to save enough money that that we could buy a house relatively soon. (Could I really be considering that?!)

So this means, for all “intensive” 🙂 purposes, we’ve staying, at least for awhile.

However, that means we need to eliminate the *things* in our apartment that are not useful for us and streamline it all for a small living space. He and I both like the tiny house lifestyle, and this is good for that.

These “space creating” tips have been the most valuable to us:


Organization. Shelves are awesome, but they have to be used right. Same thing with storage units. So far, Cohiba and I haven’t been using them right – we’re just dropping stuff off in there.  We’re trying to fix that.


Get rid of thing I keep for sentimental reasons. Yesterday I went through a drawer of audio cassettes.  I haven’t played any of them for at least five years, but I’ve kept them all the same, some for over 20 years.  Same thing with some clothes, candelabras, and other gifts.


Part of this has come from viewing myself differently, accepting who I am today. I’m a writer, a professional, a wife and a mother. I’m not trying to “find my life,” I HAVE found it and AM finding it.  I can trust myself to make good decisions and provide myself with the things I need.

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