Tin Soldiers and Nixon Coming

I was raised in and have spent most of my life in or around St. Louis. I love this city, and it’s county. Having said that, I’m going to write truthfully and admit that my city, to its detriment, is fucked up in some bass-ackward ways. It is highly segregated, both along class and race lines. As a Caucasian person, I know the attitude many of my people have towards African Americans. I know that I was pulled out of a public school as a chid because I kept being beaten up for being White. I know the attitude I was raised around, espoused during my younger and more ignorant years, and have worked hard to inform and eradicate.

Right now, the city waits with bated breath to learn if a grand jury will determine whether or not to formally accuse a white cop who shot a black 18-year-old in the neighborhood of Ferguson.

Today, Gov. Nixon declared a State of Emergency and mobilized the National Guard – preemptively. This does not bode well for the future. Am I watching history unfold right now? Like when the National Guard were mobilized for Kent State? That didn’t go to well.

This tension has been simmering since August, and as time passes, I’m seeing – in the Twittersphere – an increasing amount of hate language and privileged assumptions in a way I’ve never seen before. Such hate that has just been bubbling, as well as a threat of the rise of the KKK and the New Black Panther Party. It literally turns my stomach. (Though that could be morning sickness.)

What can I do?

2 thoughts on “Tin Soldiers and Nixon Coming

  1. *chills* I suppose we all live in crumbling societies. Some more than others. I hope St. Louis finds it peace somewhere along the way. At least you spoke up and highlighted your concerns. That’s a lot more than can be said for the plaguing indifference present in most people’s lives.

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