Ever Make Up Your Own Words?

Language is an ever evolving tool of connection between humans, and making up new words is fun. I even see this happen among my homeless clients, work which normally has lot of frustrations, heartbreaks and disappointments. But the wordsmithing efforts offset the difficulties. In our office, we keep a running list of our favorites and add to them when we find another gem.  What do you think of these selections?

1. Crouton – A sleeping aparatus. “Instead of getting a bed I’m gonna get me one of those croutons to sleep on.”

2. Escape Goat – To be blamed for something you did not do.  “I ain’t gonna be no escape goat!”

3. Flowmat – The way something operates. “N.A. (Narcotics Anonymous) don’t use a religious flowmat.”

4. 360 Degrees – A measure of change. “My life has changed! I did a complete 360!” (So you’re in the exact same place?)

5. For all intensive purposes – In every way that matters. “For all intensive purposes, I may as well be married.”

6. Pedal Stool – An elevated position. “I’m not tryin’ to put that girl on no pedal stool.”

7. Chester – A chest of drawers and a dresser. “When I move, I’m going to buy a new chester for the bedroom.”

8. Flustrated – Another word for “overwhelmed.”  “I was getting so flustrated with my daughter that I put her out.”

9. French benefits – Bonuses to a job outside of pay. “I almost got a job with good french benefits.”

10. Bite myself in the foot – To ruin one’s chances.  “I have to be careful not to mess up and bite myself in the foot.”

11. A Fireman – A weapon.  “He was convicted of possession of a fireman.” (This last one actually came from a colleague, not a client!)

Oxford Dictionary? Knock knock knock… I’m talking to you.

What do you think of these words? Can you see yourself using them?

2 thoughts on “Ever Make Up Your Own Words?

  1. i quite like ‘Bite myself in the foot’ and I can definitely see potential there. One I come across frequently among men in late middle age is the admission that they have a ‘prostrate problem’. Its nice to see they aren’t taking it lying down!

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