You’re Not the only One Changing. Your Spirit Animal Does, too.

When I sent my recommendations forward for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers award, I asked them a series of questions I hoped for answers to.

One of those questions was about their spirit animal,* and I’ve been thinking about what mine would be today.

When I was younger, it used to be a black widow spider.  Not because I like spiders, but because they’re stealthy, they’re independent, they work on delicate things (web) and have to be exacting for that. Not that I’m stealthy or exacting (though I am independent and I AM A DELICATE FLOWER, DAMNIT!)

As an adult, I think my spirit animal is a meerkat. (You know, Timon out of the Lion King.)

They’re very social and like to be with their loved ones. They work hard and efficiently, digging for food super fast, and they stay with their group in a burrow. I am social, but I most like to be with Cohiba, and I would love to live in a burrow with him. 🙂

Then, talking about Timon, he was voiced by Nathan Lane, whom I love, and he a smartass. I can do that. 🙂

What would your spirit animal be?

*Your spirit animal is not to be confused with your patronus, just FYI.

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