A Lost Teaching Moment on Mass Incarceration: The St. Louis “Workhouse” — Social Policy

In the heat of the Northern Hemisphere summer, and particularly the Midwest humidity, I want to call attention to this situation from last week. In the 108 degree record-breaking heat, the men and women in this un-air conditioned Medium Security jail, or Workhouse (as it’s commonly called) were caught on camera calling for help.

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It’s Nice To Be Nice To The Nice, But It’s Better To Be Kind To The Kind


I think of my mom saying, “It’s nice to be nice to the nice,” and telling me, when I was a child, to “Be nice.”  Be a nice girl. Do things that nice girls do, like brush their hair, keep their legs together, smile. (You guessed it: sometimes I don’t do these things.)

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Day 14 – N

Number of States Visited in the United States

Thanks to educational road trips as a child, I have been lucky enough to visit many of the states in the United States, I daresay more than half. This is the first time I’ve counted all 50. (So I am excluding the territories. Just like our constitution does during election time.)

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Last May, I wrote a post about a fellow blogger, Rarasaur. She was about to be put into prison for a crime she didn’t commit, (here’s her story here) and I was moved by the wickedness of a criminal “justice” system that essentially bullied an innocent person.

I saw an update on her today – she’s getting out of prison after 15 months.  15 months.  The Wee One wasn’t even a twinkle in my eye, I was still living in St. Louis, I was still working, but I wasn’t a rennie yet.

I’d thought about her several times over the past few months, and I was glad to learn that she’s getting out (hence this post passing the good news on.)

The Art in Protest / The Protest in Art

As I have written several times lately, I was raised in St. Louis.  Police action in one of our suburbs, Ferguson (yes, legally it’s a small town, but it’s really a suburb of St. Louis), has been the center of protests around the world over the past week, but especially in the U.S. The night it was announced the officer would not face criminal charges for killing a young man, different parts of the city – literally – burned. Cars and buildings were on fire and in other ways destroyed and fire crews couldn’t get to them for the force and crush of people on the streets.

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A Global Sisterhood

It is, of course, always flattering to be nominated for any kind of award, It is especially flattering to receive a nomination for an award such as the “Sisterhood of the World.” It appears as though this Sisterhood is shared by bloggers worldwide who share a commitment to the pursuit of human rights and social justice. It is all the more flattering to be considered one of this company with the nomination from a blogger as social aware and socially/politically engaged as nida, from on the road to inkrichment.

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