My Day, One Beat At A Time

Writing about a topic using only one-syllable words will be an interesting challenge, and I like it. It begins now:

I called the shop that has my car. It will be fine in two days.

A client I have got his own place today. He has not had one in all his life, and he’s scared. I got him a few things he would need, like soap, a thick sheet, and forks. I asked him to come and talk to me, but he was drunk. I told him to leave, and he was mad. But still drunk. 🙂

Soon, I have plans to see a friend. I used to see her when I went for a drink at her shop, but that’s gone now. I miss our visits, and mean to start a visit a month, or a plan like that. I think back on when she and her spouse bought the shop, and I said to them how much I would hate if the chai was gone and hoped it would not change. They each said they had heard it was a loved drink.


Okay, your turn.

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