Second Trimester Lessons

Hopefully she’s not green.

This second trimester has been SOOO much better than my trimester.

1. Can we talk, again,  about how much I love eating stuff I want?

I talked about this in the first trimester, and I am still indulging any little craving for sweets I have. Now that vegetables don’t make me sick, I’m eating more salads, but I’m still eating a lot of dessert. I love it. And, lucky me, I’m not gaining a great deal of weight.  I am gaining weight, but not more than I should. Not that it would matter too much.

2. I love feeling her move around inside me, and I love it when Cohiba can feel it, too. I met with a friend last night who’s son is a month old, and asked her if she missed it.  In a way, she said, she does, but she prefers having him outside of her and sitting on her.  She also said that it sometimes still feels like he’s in there, when her insides are shifting back into place. That’ll be weird.

3. People really do smile at pregnant ladies.  Like, the state of pregnancy makes people happy. I had read that might happen, but it really does! I really like that!

4. I’m okay with giving up cigars and scotch, at least for right now.  I’m having a bit of champagne and wine now and again, and I did have a swallow of pumpkiny Guinness (which tasted AWESOME!!), but I”m not drinking, and I’m really okay with it.  As my acceptance and love for her has grown, I would rather protect her from it while I still can.

I know I’m a lucky one, and I don’t mean to gloat, but I’m really enjoying being pregnant, and I’m feeling better about her arrival as well.

3 thoughts on “Second Trimester Lessons

  1. I loved being pregnant, too, and always smile when I hear another coman enjoying it. I indulged all my cravings (many of which were only whims, not real cravings) and enjoyed my pregnancy completely. I always thought, “happy mama, happy babies.” 🙂

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