I Have Found The Fountain Of Youth!

You are young at any age if you are planning for tomorrow. – Anonymous

Write youthful characteristics everyone should preserve. What bring out your playful side?

Playing with Wee One every day has given me a lot of time and inspiration to think about a question like this. One characteristic that I think brings out youthfulness is curiosity – wanting to investigate it all. What happens when I poke this stick into mud? What happens when I break apart this big mushroom? Then watch the results of these questions with wonderment and a wish to seek out more.

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Weekend Coffee Share #13


If we were having coffee, we would comment on how quiet it seems in here today – why is that? There aren’t a lot of people – is the church crowd still in church? we wonder. I’m having trouble remembering what I did this week. Does that happen to you? Is it because I don’t have the flow of energy of people around us?

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